Grand Canyon by Helicopter

USA - AZ - Grand Canyon 12

Whilst in Vegas, as a special honeymoon treat, we thought we would take a helicopter flight to the Grand Canyon.

We chose to go with Papillon Helicopters which fly out of Boulder airport. It was our first time in a helicopter so we were both super excited. We paid extra to reserve the front seats which I think was worth it to get the best view.  It was a great experience and an excellent way to view the Canyon.  I would also recommend driving into the main viewing areas of the Canyon. I did this on a previous trip. The views from those locations are a completely different experience and are excellent too.

USA - AZ - Grand Canyon 4  USA - AZ - Grand Canyon 7USA - AZ - Grand Canyon 3USA - AZ - Grand Canyon 5 USA - AZ - Grand Canyon 9 USA - AZ - Grand Canyon 11  USA - AZ - Grand Canyon 13 USA - AZ - Grand Canyon 15 USA - AZ - Grand Canyon 17

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