Livvi’s Place, Yamble Reserve, Ryde

Sydney - Yamble Reserve2

This is one of Sydney’s newest playgrounds. Its been specifically designed as an all abilities playground which basically means there is a range of play equipment and experiences to cater for children of all abilities (this is basically the politically correct way to refer to a playground that also caters to disabled children). Its quite an impressive playground with plenty of cool pieces of equipment, different surfaces, gardens and level changes. And yes, there are toilets in the park.

I’m a Landscape Architect by profession and designing children’s playgrounds is a big part of my day job. I’m often out looking at cool playgrounds to get ideas. The designers did a great job with this one.

Sydney - Yamble Reserve3Sydney - Yamble Reserve1 Sydney - Yamble Reserve4 Sydney - Yamble Reserve5 Sydney - Yamble Reserve6

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