Mountain Biking, Rotorua, NZ

NZ - Rotorua MTB 1

Back in November a few mates and I spent a few days mountain biking in Rotoura, New Zealand. I’ve gotta say, these are the best trails I have ever ridden. The setup is fantastic with a cafe, bike hire and shop at the base of the trails and a shuttle to carry those that don’t want to ride to the top of the hill. The trails are located on the edge of town so there is no need to hire a car or anything, just get on your bike and ride. Too easy!! Air New Zealand now have direct flights from Sydney to Rotorua which makes it super easy to get to. I apologise that I don’t have many photos, I was too busy riding and only carried my iPhone.


Its easy to bring your own bike. Either buy one of those expensive bike bags or just throw it in a cardboard box. Just put some foam around it so it doesn’t get damaged. You can also hire a bike from the bottom of the trails or pretty much any bike shop in town (Rotorua is full of bike shops).

We hired a ute to carry 5 of us with bikes to and from the airport and to do a bit of sight seeing. You could easily ride direct from the airport (they will store your bike bags for you if you ask) and there are also airport shuttles (organise before you go) that will get you into town.

The cafe at the base of the trails makes great smoothies and roast beef sandwiches. Its a great set up with info, bike hire and even a bike wash area to get the dirt off before you pack up to fly home (customs will check to see if your bike is dirty).

We only rode at Rotorua. About an hour’s drive down the road is Lake Taupo which has a great trail along the lake and another mountain bike park which is supposed to be awesome. We also spotted a great cycle path leading out of Rotorua to the Waimangu Volcanic Valley which looked like it would be a nice gentle ride.

Totally recommend it. We rode for 4 days. Here’s a Strava link to our second day of riding:

NZ - Rotorua MTB 4NZ - Rotorua MTB 3NZ - Rotorua MTB 5NZ - Rotorua MTB 2NZ - Rotorua MTB 6

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