Yosemite NP – Valley Floor

USA - CA - Yosemite 2

Yosemite National Park, California, USA. A few pics taken from the valley floor. Amazing scenery of grassy meadows surrounded by dramatic cliffs. Walk, cycle or drive, its pretty easy to get around the valley floor.

USA - CA - Yosemite 1USA - CA - Yosemite 3 USA - CA - Yosemite 4 USA - CA - Yosemite 23 USA - CA - Yosemite 24

3 thoughts on “Yosemite NP – Valley Floor

  1. I never get tired of Yosemite. My father managed to hike all but about 20 miles of the trails, and a lot of the back country, before his death in 2006. Thank goodness politicians of an earlier age had the good sense to preserve treasures like this for posterity.

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