Fujifilm X10 – My New Camera

Fujifilm X10 – My New Camera.

 (I wrote this a few months ago but just forgot to post it)

 Just for a change I thought I would tell you about my new camera purchase.

 I wanted a compact camera to have with me when I couldn’t be bothered carrying around my DSLR. I originally wanted to buy the Canon G12 and have had it on my wish list for quite a while.

 However, when the time came to spend some money, Canon recently released the G1x and the S100. Both really good cameras with pros and cons compared to the G12. I was worried that the G12 has now been around for a while now and would be replaced soon.

 I went into a camera shop one day and the sales guy suggested I look at the Fujifilm X10. It was quite a good camera and I was quite impressed. I was even more impressed when one of my mates just happened to walk into the shop and gave his approval as he had a Fujifilm X100.

 So after a bit more research I decided the X10 was the camera I was going to buy. The unfortunate (or fortunate) thing is I live in Australia. Buying things like cameras is expensive here!

 The X10 was $680 in the shop where I first learnt about it. After a bit of haggling, the sales guy said he could sell it for $630. I do want to support local business, but when you look at the price difference it makes no sense.

 I ended up buying the camera from a shop in Hong Kongwww.t-dimension.com

The price was $420 plus $25 postage. They even included a 8gb SD Card and a LCD protector. I ordered it on Thursday and it was delivered to my desk on Monday morning.

 I know the guy in the camera store helped my out with advice, I got to look and play with the camera and if I had bought it there I would have an Australian warranty, but a saving of $185 or about 30% seems like high price to pay for that service.

 I am constantly amazed by the high prices in Australia compared to international websites. There are some really great websites out there that cater to customers from Australia. They list the prices in Australian dollars, they have reasonable shipping costs and they have a great range of products at a great price. t-dimension.com has definitely been added to my shopping bookmarks.

 Update: I’m very happy with my X10. Not problems to date. I also notice Canon has released a G15 since I wrote this.

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