Cabbage Tree Bay, Manly, Sydney

Sydney - Manly Sunny Days 8


I nice warm day in Manly. A few pics taken whilst walking from Manly to Shelley Beach along Cabbage Tree Bay. I love living in Manly!!





Sydney - Manly Sunny Days 7Sydney - Manly Sunny Days 15 Sydney - Manly Sunny Days 16 Sydney - Manly Sunny Days 17

Lake Camm Tennis Club

WA - Lake Camm Tennis3

This is basically in the middle of nowhere. Driving between Esperance and Perth in Western Australia, we stumbled upon this tennis club. What is strange is that why would anybody build three tennis courts in the middle of nowhere? No wonder they aren’t being used!!

WA - Lake Camm Tennis4 WA - Lake Camm Tennis5 WA - Lake Camm Tennis1 WA - Lake Camm Tennis2L

Elephant Rocks, Denmark, Western Australia

WA - Denmark Elephant Rocks6

Just around the corner, about 200m from Greens Pool (previous post) is a place called Elephant Rocks. As its name suggests the large boulders lying in the bay look very much like elephants! Another great swimming spot on the Western Australian south coast. The nearby town of Denmark is a nice little place. There’s a great bakery there.

WA - Denmark Elephant Rocks1 WA - Denmark Elephant Rocks2 WA - Denmark Elephant Rocks3 WA - Denmark Elephant Rocks4 WA - Denmark Elephant Rocks5

Greens Pool, Denmark, Western Australia

WA - Denmark Greens Pool1

I said to expect some shots of amazing beaches. This is Greens Pool, just outside of Denmark on the south coast of Western Australia. The water was crystal clear up close and bright aqua from a distance. Its protected from the wind and waves which makes it a great swimming spot.

WA - Denmark Greens Pool3 WA - Denmark Greens Pool4 WA - Denmark Greens Pool5

Today is about me.

Mexico - Isla Mujures 46

The theme for today is me! Why, its my birthday!! I’ve been doing this blog for a few years now. I don’t really know why or where its leading, but its just a chance to share a few photos d hope somebody else enjoys them. My wife and I have just returned from a trip to Western Australia so stay tuned for some photos of beautiful beaches. On the trip I was thinking about my photography and camera gear. I think the days are numbered for carrying around the heavy dSLR and all the camera gear. The iPhone does an awesome job and I always carry it around anyway. The odd iPhone shot makes it into this blog, but I’m going to experiment with a few more iPhone shots in the coming months.

Sydney - Manly GoPro 2 UK - Kent - Leeds Castle1 USA - Hawaii - Maui 41 WA - Margaret River1

Sydney from North Nead

Sydney - City from NH 4

I’m pretty lucky to live in Manly. We have a natural playground called North Head just up the road which offers great cycling, walking and jogging opportunities along with amazing views across the harbour to the city.

Sydney - City from NH 1 Sydney - City from NH 2 Sydney - City from NH 3

Thetford Forest, Norfolk, UK

UK - Norfolk - Thetford Forest3


I only took a few photos here as I was too excited that the forest park was also a mountain bike trail centre. I hired a bike and went riding. Some nice trails but its all very flat compared to what I’m used to in Sydney. Along with MTB trails the forest park has some nice walks, a great playground and tree top rope climbing course.



UK - Norfolk - Thetford Forest1 UK - Norfolk - Thetford Forest2


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