Groudle Glen – Isle of Man

UK - Isle of Man - Groudle Glen1

Jumping to the other side of the world, this is Groudle Glen on the Isle of Man (UK).  It was a lovely walk through the woods to the coast. Cold, but lovely!

UK - Isle of Man - Groudle Glen3 UK - Isle of Man - Groudle Glen5 UK - Isle of Man - Groudle Glen6

Cabbage Tree Bay Pool, Manly

Sydney - Manly Summer 13-14 3

An amazing little pool situated between Manly Beach and Shelley Beach. Most people just walk past and never go in!

Sydney - Manly Summer 13-14 4 Sydney - Manly Sunny Days 9 Sydney - Manly Sunny Days 10 Sydney - Manly Sunny Days 11 Sydney - Manly Sunny Days 12

Australian Open of Surfing 2014 – Manly Beach

Sydney - Manly AOOS2014 1

Came across a few snaps on my computer from the Australian Open of Surfing that was held on Manly Beach a couple of months ago. It was a big event, but it was a real shame mother nature didn’t come to the party. The surf was crap and it rained!

Sydney - Manly AOOS2014 2 Sydney - Manly AOOS2014 3 Sydney - Manly AOOS2014 4 Sydney - Manly AOOS2014 5 Sydney - Manly AOOS2014 6

Joshua Tree National Park, CA, USA

USA - CA - Joshua Tree NP 2

Some more pics from the Joshua Tree National Park. These photos are more of the rock formations which were just as impressive as the famous Joshua Trees. The rock above is called Skull Rock. Wonder why?

USA - CA - Joshua Tree NP 9USA - CA - Joshua Tree NP 4 USA - CA - Joshua Tree NP 10 USA - CA - Joshua Tree NP 15 USA - CA - Joshua Tree NP 16 USA - CA - Joshua Tree NP 17

Joshua Tree National Park, CA, USA

USA - CA - Joshua Tree NP 1

Ever since U2 brought out that album many years ago I’ve images of this place in my head. When the opportunity came to drive from Las Vegas to LA I thought a detour through the Joshua Tree National Park would be the way to go.

I was impressed. The crazy trees mixed in with amazing rock formations and a desert landscape. Not everybody is as impressed as me. The wife  slept through most of it!

USA - CA - Joshua Tree NP 5 USA - CA - Joshua Tree NP 6 USA - CA - Joshua Tree NP 7 USA - CA - Joshua Tree NP 13

Sunny Days in Manly

Sydney - Manly Sunny Days 3

Summer might be over but we are still getting some amazing summerish sunny days here in Manly!

Sydney - Manly Sunny Days 5 Sydney - Manly Sunny Days 6 Sydney - Manly Sunny Days 13 Sydney - Manly Sunny Days 14

Big Waves at Queenscliff Pool

Sydney - Queenscliff Pool Waves1

Another day of big waves lashing Queenscliff Ocean Pool. The beach is so much more exciting when the surf’s big!

Sydney - Queenscliff Pool Waves2 Sydney - Queenscliff Pool Waves3 Sydney - Queenscliff Pool Waves5 Sydney - Queenscliff Pool Waves6 Sydney - Queenscliff Pool Waves7


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